Friday, January 25, 2013


I love leaving my church and feeling that I heard a sermon that made an impact on me. This happens frequently, but most recently was just two Sundays ago. Pastor Chuck Neugebauer was preaching about his son, Pastor AJ Neugebauer. Pastor Neugebauer was explaining how amazing it was knowing that his first son was spending the morning baptizing his first son! What an amazing thing to be able to say that you baptized your child and that child baptized your grandchild!

Pastor AJ preaches at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church and Pastor Neugebauer preaches at Christ the King Lutheran Church.

Here is a picture of the happy family at Alexander's baptism!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The End of an Era

This year marks the end, the finale, the retirement of the Space Shuttle. As I sit here watching CBS Sunday Morning's segment on the space shuttle, Madi is playing on her new plastic slide. She presents me with a moment that takes my breath away. The segment is giving me a slide show of some of the best videos of the space shuttle and she turns around on her slide and stares at the TV. She is watching and is entranced.

From an early age I was positive I would grow up to be an astronaut. I was in Ms. Leibig's 3rd grade class in January of 1986 watching TV when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. I went home that day and cried to my mom at the sad disaster.

In 1987 my parents planned an amazing vacation for the family. We were going to visit Disney, Epcot and most importantly NASA. I was in hog heaven and was sure of my future. I was going to be an astronaut. I was going to fly in the space shuttle.